Tandoori Hill
When time freezes, the sun and moon meet, the universe is mirrored and all eleven dimensions are open - at that precise moment, the four musicians in Tandoori Hill come to life:

Fire and Water, Earth and Air.

Tandoori Hill gather together to search and give back:
The Essence, which is all too often on the run,
Intimacy, which is needed more than ever,
The Calm and the Storm, to unite together,
Hate and Lies, to suffocate them,
The Truth, to expose it,
The Music, to become it...

Water brought the melody and let it flow. Wind gave it freedom and determination. Fire gave it warmth and glow. Earth gave it calm and courage.

Tandoori Hill’s music is inspired by world music, or perhaps ‘terrestrial music’. The melodies, harmonies and rhythms that meet and combine in Tandoori Hill are intended to linger with the listener for a long, long time. Enthusiasm, intimacy, presence, dynamics and power are core ingredients of Tandoori Hill’s music.

Fire • Emma Reid • fiddle
Water • Bengt Jonasson • banjo and composer
Earth • Petter Berndalen • percussion
Air • Emma Johansson • alto flute

”Tandoori Hill has an unbelievable groove… Banjo, alto flute, fiddle and percussion create a clear and homogenous sound-scape, rendering the Indian-inspired music a pleasantly laid-back enjoyment for those wishing to sit and listen, whilst at the same time other members of the audience dance in front of the stage. The concert catches me completely and utterly unawares. With its simple constellation the group creates music that goes straight in, without reservation, thanks to the beautiful arrangements and sensitive melodic feeling.

In that moment I realise the evening has turned into a success… A new, talented group has entered into my world.”
- Norrländska Socialdemokraten (translated from Swedish)

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