Emma Reid grew up in the northeast of England and started playing the fiddle at the age of three with her Swedish mother. She has graduated with a Music Performance BA and Master of Music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Newcastle University respectively. In 2006 Emma became National Fiddler in Sweden, where she is now based.

Today Emma is an established artist with an impressive catalogue of performances and collaborations. She has a deeply personal style and a real ability to speak through her fiddle. Emma tours, records and teaches extensively throughout Scandinavia and Britain with amongst others Rob Harbron, Methera, Ian Carr, John McCusker, Ellika Frisell, Roger Tallroth and Daniel Reid. She often collaborates with storytellers and dancers, and has performed as theatre musician at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

"Two of of my foremost sources of musical inspiration are the Bingsjö fiddler Nils Agenmark (1915-1994) and the Orsa fiddler Gössa Anders Andersson (1878-1963) - Nils with his continuous, ornamented tone; Gössa with his swinging, unpretentious style. The musical painting of myself is a culmination of the inspirations and influences of several tradition bearers, my Swedish heritage, my upbringing with jigs and reels in the north-east of England, the musicians I've met, the thoughts that have lingered..."

"[Emma Reid] has a natural and personal fiddle style like no other – instantly recognisable, and always compelling."
- The Living Tradition

"Exquisite playing – assured, unhurried and gentle, yet brimming with energy and rhythm."
- Taplas

"The playing of Emma Reid is truly delightful: she holds an audience through every enthralling note, with a musical dialect that is all her own but founded in two distinct traditions, English and Swedish."
- Folkworks

"You've got a lovely way of commanding the space in which you are playing and making it 'active'. It seemed something very gentle, but also very definite."
- Annie Rigby, Resident Director Northern Stage

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