Emma Reid
Ormstråk    EMRCD1

Solo album, released at The Sage Gateshead 30 April 2005

Track list

  1. Fäbodlåten
  2. The Morgan Rattler / Happy Valley (Emma Reid)
  3. Kronprinsen
  4. Orsa Storpolska
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Polska efter Pekkos Per
  7. Till Gulis (Emma Reid)
  8. Bröllopsmarsch
  9. Love Songs (Trad / Emma Reid / Trad)
  10. Schottis efter Holm
  11. Lådiksvalsen
  12. Bobbing Around
  13. Vallåtspolska
  14. 1500 Km (Emma Reid)
  15. Min Levnads Afton
  16. Happy Valley (Emma Reid)
  17. Blårocken
  18. Tokpolskan
  19. Saint George’s Day (Robert Harbron) / Johannas Brudpolska (Emma Reid)

"This is a courageous tour de force of a debut album… Reid chooses to produce an album entirely of solo fiddle and rises to the challenge and succeeds gloriously, where others would surely fail. Her exquisite playing is assured, unhurried and gentle, yet it brims with energy and rhythm. Such is its strength that any accompaniment would be at best superfluous and at worst detrimental."

"Brave, respectful and revealing. Musical - above all musical."
Chris Wood

"…finely expressive playing."

"Snake Bow is a compendium of highly arresting fiddle pieces."
Record Collector

"Best instrumental album in years. I find huge landscapes opening up in it..."
Nick Woodward, Bristol Violin Shop

"It's quite enchanting, very fresh and characterful, full of unexpected dipping and diving, colour and wit, with a kind of dreaminess of tone which is often hypnotic. Your Swedish-Northumbrian roots make a fascinating blend"
Howard Goodall

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