Björnsdotter • Reid
Rough and Shiny    BRCD01

Released September 2006

The Swedish term for two fiddles played an octave apart is 'rough and shiny'. The high, shiny melody gets depth and colour from the low, rough octave. For at least 100 years Swedish fiddlers have used this arrangement technique to effectively combine the forces of two fiddles.

To us, 'rough and shiny' has yet another meaning. Traditional music functions mostly as dance music and needs to be rhythmic and powerful, rather than pretty. At the same time, fiddlers love to decorate and there is plenty of room for elegance and beauty. It is the shine – the intricate ornaments and the playful counter-melodies – that tickles the heart and inspires the imagination. It is the roughness – the stamping of feet and the bite of the bow – that makes it impossible to sit still.

The geographical background to this collection is as broad as our musical journeys and inspirations. The recurring theme is a music that is as rough as it is shiny.

Track list

  1. Himmelfärdspolskan after Herman Strömberg
  2. Så de' så, polska after Herman Strömberg
  3. Gammal rådasin / Polska after Johan Erik Taklax
  4. Gumas polska / Söderstens minne / Polska after Anders Södersten
  5. Waltz after Salomon W. Zeidlitz / Ville de Quebec (Chris Wood)
  6. Trollpolskan / Hedningpolskan
  7. Polska after Jan-Olof Olsson / Grötschottis (Alicia Björnsdotter Abrams)
  8. Lådiksvalsen after Ellika Frisell
  9. Polska till Wik (Viksta Lasse)
  10. Vendelpolskan (Viksta Lasse)
  11. Skänklåt after Pekkos Per
  12. Polska after Erland Hansson
  13. Road to Poynton / Paul and Jenny’s Wedding (both by Robert Harbron)
  14. Auld Swaara, Shetland
  15. Bark Larsas, polska after Herman Strömberg
  16. Polkett after Karl Hejsman
  17. Längs gamla stigar och färdevägar (Ekor Anders Andersson)

"This record rocks."

"No shortage of great fiddlers in Sweden, but these two seem to be rising young talents."
- fRoots

"It’s full of contrasts, yet this is a disc of wholly gimmick-free music for two fiddles in the Swedish tradition. Rough and Shiny traditionally describes fiddles playing an octave apart… It might also refer to a solidly grounded traditional music being played with immense artistry by these two young traditional music graduates… If you only ever buy one CD of Swedish two-fiddle music, I think this would be a good choice."
- FiddleOn Magazine

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