Alakotila • Tweed • Tallroth • Reid
Midnight May Monday   MMA 6327001

Released January 2008

Track list

  1. Hope (Alakotila) / Gerry Commane's / Back home at Onsbäcken (Tweed) / Beoga (Graham) / Sam's Tune (Northcott)
  2. Moonbeam Passage (Tweed)
  3. Reverof (Tweed) / Lusignac (Wood)
  4. Great Uncle Henry (Reid)
  5. Ensuite Barn (Dipper) / Spaghetti Panic (Cutting)
  6. Midnight MacMaster (Tweed)
  7. Opposite Angell Road (Tweed)
  8. The Carillion (Breatnach / AJ's Jig (Lowthian) / No Better Friends (Tweed)
  9. So Now Joe (Tweed) / Triolipolska (Järvelä)
  10. Timo's Jig (Tallroth)
  11. Getingens Polska / The Silver Slipper / Trip to Dingle (Kelly) / Orlando Polecat (Tweed)
  12. Lumen Valossa (Alakotila)

"Seven years ago Karen Tweed and Timo Alakotila convened an unusual ensemble which made a singular CD called May Monday. She is an ancestrally-Irish, English accordionist. He is a Finnish pianist. Both are composers and influential, ear-opening music educators. Midnight is a perhaps even lovelier sequel. Its core quartet (now billed as 'May Monday') also includes a superb Swedish guitarist and an English fiddler, of Swedish ancestry. A bassoonist is among their various guests. Just a few of many tags which fit: 'traditional', 'brand new', 'refined', 'robust', 'profoundly lyrical' and 'nicely quirky'."
- The Weekend Planet, ABC Radio National, Australia

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