A glistening story of truth and lies, dreams, life and legend. Join us on a magical journey to the north, so far north that you can touch the sky from a fishing boat and so far north that the secret of time can be found in a kitchen garden.

Milkyway is an original story by Mats Rehnman, with excerpts from nordic folktales and myths. It has toured for five weeks in local venues and storytelling clubs throughout Britain and has been performed at the Barbican Theatre in London as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Holland and Canada. Mats is joined on stage by folk musician Emma Reid, who weaves the story with new and traditional music.

Production: Fabula Storytelling
Storyteller: Mats Rehnman
Music: Emma Reid
Audience no.: Max 300 depending on venue
Length: Approx 100 min + possible break
Venue: Flexible
Setup/pack time: 60 min/30 min
Kontact: Mats Rehnman
Tel: +46 (0)8 344 133 / +46 (0)706 91 99 92
Email: mats.rehnman[at]

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