Methera    YAN001

Released May 2008

It was a yearning for traditional music to be heard through the voice of the string quartet that compelled Methera into existence. It quickly became clear that Methera was about a meeting of musical minds.

Four individual musical characters with our different stories to tell; the cohesive structure of the string quartet gives us freedom to indulge in tradition and rebel against convention.

The tunes we chose to play, both traditional and newly composed, are those that enchant us. It feels like they thread their way into the tapestry of the string quartet and yarns such as these emerge...

Track list

  1. Apple Scrumping
  2. Tiggarvisor
  3. Jack's Alive!
  4. Copernicus
  5. Frenchy Set
  6. Mount Hills Set
  7. English Set
  8. Orange and Green
  9. In Its Time
  10. Anno 1643
  11. Waltz-Bourrée-Waltz
  12. 1st September

"Methera choose and compose the most wonderful tunes, their string sound is sweet and clean, their decorations are subtle and expressive, their rhythms are exciting, catchy and quirky, their pure intonation makes even the most extreme discords sound fantastic, and their arrangements are original, uncompromising and clever. They make those strings ring and shout, and they make them whisper and melt. They can do a jaunty, jolly tune set, or create an almost mystical mood in which time almost stops. It doesn’t get better than this!"
- FiddleOn magazine

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