Ditt Ditt Darium
Ifrån främmande land   SMP108

Released at Stallet, Stockholm, 2 November 2007

Track list

  1. Brömsen (music: Bölja Hertzberg)
  2. Adjö Farväl (trad / Reid & Björnsdotter Abrams)
  3. Ye Mariners All
  4. Ensam (music: Rosenberg & Ahlbäck)
  5. Windy Gyle (Anderson)
  6. Gästabudsvisan
  7. Spel upp
  8. Ifrän främmande land
  9. Skånepolska
  10. Locklåtar
  11. Båtbacken (trad / Reid)
  12. Gower Wassail
  13. En liten fågel
  14. Lantman
  15. Akte dig!
  16. Kulning
  17. Hale (music: Reid)

"The fiddles weave a complex tracery around the voices, beautiful and decorating, never intrusive, simultaneously strong and delicate. At times there's an intimacy to it all that makes listening feel almost like an intrusion. All but two of the songs are in Swedish, but given the sound of the language, that's fine by me. The playing and singing are immaculate even when they use "microtones", utterly deliberate notes just off the normal scale. There's a lot of sheer charm to it too, as when "The Gower Wassail" is sung in a delightful Swedish accent. And then there are those gently heart-warming harmonies... Yes, I liked it."
- FiddleOn Magazine

"...a new major folk music group is on its way"
- Dala-Demokraten (translated from Swedish)

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