Daniel & Emma
Innerligheten   EMR02

Released 15 November 2010

Track list

  1. Rowan (E. Reid
  2. Jour de pluie (F. Pezet)
  3. Rävhalling (A. Möller / M. Edén)
  4. Ringar på vattnet (D. Carlsson)
  5. Fantomenland (D. Carlsson)
  6. Innerligheten (J. Olsson)
  7. Molnbyggen (O. Bäckström)
  8. Sweetness of Mary (J. MacDonald Boes
  9. Vintergatan (E. Reid)
  10. Tröstepolskan (R. Tallroth)
  11. Lilla längdansen efter Pekkos Per (Trad.)

"It doesn’t matter what they play, its passion, intimate and of high quality... a Swedish violin/sax album that might end up in my top ten of best albums of 2010."

"Innerligheten is a truly satisfying album."

"The playing is accomplished and completely absorbing, with Emma's variations in tone and expression bouncing off Daniel's smooth saxophone notes."

"Innerligheten is a bold mixture of Swedish and British folk music from two performers entirely comfortable with both traditions and each other."
Bright Young Folk

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