In Concert featuring Kerr Fagan Harbron   TAN002

Released 1 November 2010

Track list

  1. Fine Lady (E. Reid)
  2. 3/2 Hornpipes (trad. / trad. / Andy May)
  3. Magdalenas (E. Reid) / Hanna's (L. Deakin)
  4. Dragon Food (J. Dipper)
  5. Gower Wassail (trad.)
  6. Stepping Stones (L. Deakin)
  7. Fiddle Jigs (Adam Gray / trad.)
  8. Oak Hill (M. Rutter)
  9. Three Galleys (trad. / N. Kerr)
  10. Old Tricks (M. Rutter) / Wittenham Clumps (J. Dipper)

"If you have doubts over whether the string quartet is a natural medium for traditional music - and I did - the Methera will leave you converted. This young foursome plays with a sense of flow and freedom that can only come through a deep understanding of the idiom, yet at the same time the player's early classical training means the group takes the chamber ensemble concerns of intonation, balance and textural clarity in its stride."
The Strad

"In Concert is an enigmatic album ... an absolute delight to listen to and not only marks the four piece out as a highly proficient and engaging live but also one to definitely look out for."
Bright Young Folk

"...thrilling, innovative blend of folk and chamber styles."
Musician Magazine

"Methera has developed its music into a subtle art within the given frames of the quartet form."

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