House Concerts

House concerts offer:

  • An opportunity to listen to acoustic music close up in a warm and informal environment;
  • A chance to meet the performers, discuss the music and get signed CDs;
  • A great social evening of friends and neighbours and a rare chance to hear a top-class performance in your own home.

Hosting a house concert
Each event is slightly different in character, but as a host you should be able to provide:

  • Space and seating for at least 15 guests
  • A list of interested friends and contacts to invite
  • Access to the concert room one hour prior to the arrival of guests
  • Two chairs without armrests for the musicians
  • A small table for displaying mailing lists and merchandise
  • A meal and beds for the musicians (depending on travel arrangements)

Practical arrangements are flexible and made in cooperation with the host. Below is a basic guideline:

  • Guests pay for tickets on the door.
  • All proceeds go to the performers, less any agreed expenses.
  • Recommended ticket price 10. A concession price can be offered.
  • For special occasions the host may prefer to pay a set fee, which can be discussed.
  • A suggested starting time for the concert is 8pm.
  • The concert comprises 1 set of approx. 60 mins, or 2 sets of approx. 40 mins each by negotiation.
  • If desired, we can assist with publicity by including the concert on a mailing list, or on our web site; however we will only do this with your approval.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert, or would like any further information about Methera or Rob & Emma, please get in touch.

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