Rob Harbron & Emma Reid

Release 1 November 2015

Track list

  1. November Waltz (Rob Harbron)
  2. Great Uncle Henry (Emma Reid)/Waiting for Rain (Rob Harbron)
  3. Da Unst Bridal March/Master Kilby
  4. Camberwell/Polska Fran Morko Efter Anders Gustaf Andersson
  5. Brollopsmarsch Efter Nils Bernhard Ljunggren
  6. Upon A Summer's Day/Bengts 50-Ars Vals (Emma Reid)
  7. Squirrel In The Tree/Grand Hornpipe
  8. Big Set: Rubbertoes (Rob Harbron)/ Polska Efter Andreas Dahlgren/Butcher's Hornpipe/Blue John Hornpipe (Dave Shepherd)
  9. Polkas: Jullien's Original Polka/Kemikan/Bon Ton/St Brides Bells
  10. Pretty Saro/Shove The Pig's Foot A Little Further Into The Fire
  11. Moving Back Home (Emma Reid)

"English wing-beats. On their second album together these two well-known musicians move like playfully gliding birds between their musical origins in northern England with jigs and reels and a related Swedish musical world."

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