Mats Rehnman & Emma Reid
Mats Rehnman • storyteller
Emma Reid • fiddle and viola

Mats Rehnman is a pioneer on the Swedish storytelling scene. He has performed throughout Sweden and Scandinavia for twenty years and is a well known guest performer at storytelling festivals in more than twenty countries. He has written books about storytelling and coaches professional stage artists. Mats is passionate about the development of the art of storytelling and is constantly busy defining and developing the art form. He is one of four artists in the company Fabula Storytelling - arranger of the international Fabula Storytelling Festival.

"When Mats tells stories your ears are at the cinema."
- SR, Swedish Radio

Emma Reid is one of Sweden’s busiest musicians. She grew up in England and started playing the fiddle at the age of three with her Swedish mother. Emma has graduated from Newcastle University and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and became National Fiddler in 2006. Emma has a deeply personal style and a real ability to speak through her fiddle. She tours and teaches throughout Scandinavia and Britain with Sofia Karlsson, Ellika Frisell, Roger Tallroth and the English string quartet Methera.

"The playing of Emma Reid is truly delightful: she holds an audience through every enthralling note, with a musical dialect that is all her own but founded in two distinct traditions, English and Swedish."
- Folkworks

From the repertoire:

  • Milkyway
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Ghost stories

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