Robert Harbron & Emma Reid
New Dogs, Old Tricks    ROBREC CD01

Released May 2006

Together Rob and Emma bring a natural, uplifting sound to bear on a varied repertoire which includes their own new music alongside traditional songs and tunes. The heart of the repertoire is in the dance tunes of England, which they bring to life inspired by archive recordings and contemporary musicians to expose the vitality, swing, lift and articulation at the core of each tune. A highly accomplished yet delightfully informal debut album.

Track list

  1. The Rose Tree / Getting Upstairs
  2. Tombigbee Waltz / Vals efter Herman Strömberg
  3. Brown is the Colour (Trad / Robert Harbron)
  4. Yeavering Hornpipe No. 2 (Alistair Anderson) / Cheshire Rounds
  5. Midnattssolen (Emma Reid)
  6. Nancy Taylor’s Reel (Willie Taylor) / The Reverend Joe Hislop of Alnwick (Alistair Anderson) / Snowy Monday (Willie Taylor)
  7. Miss Lindsay Baker / Henry Cave’s Hornpipe / The Morpeth Rant
  8. Young and Old (Charles Kingsley / Laurel Swift) / Girls and Boys / Off She Goes
  9. Mercury (Robert Harbron)
  10. Loch Ruan

"New Dogs, Old Tricks is an enjoyable collection of tunes and songs, impeccably executed by two talented musicians. It doesn't try to do anything extravagant -- and it doesn't need to. It's pretty much perfect!"

"The idea of Emma Reid and Rob Harbron playing together seems a natural one. Both players like to delve deeply into the music they play, perhaps playing an English tune we’ve heard a hundred times before, but drawing out beauty and nuances not touched upon by more boisterous players. The combination of their playing is, as you would expect, and as evidenced on their collaboration New Dogs, Old Tricks (ROBREC CD01) – a sensuous treat."
- The Living Tradition

"All told, this is a genuinely exciting disc which it'll prove hard to grow tired of, for with each twist and turn of melody Rob finds felicitous subtleties in his chosen instrument and Emma's joyous, earthy phrasing springs new surprises."
- fRoots

"…this is an excellent first CD with lots of promise, beautiful playing and much pleasure."
- English Dance and Song

"This is an album I defy you not to enjoy."
- Devon's Folk Magazine

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